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Angry Bird Chrome? or Just Web Angry Bird?

AngrybirdsAngry Birds’ developer Rovio is really angry right because they just released its “Google Chrome” version few days ago. And it’s also Free. This news had made headlines in several places including Twiter and Yahoo.

The whole world is angry about it because they got to play it on a bigger screen (probably 21″ or bigger) and on their favourite web browser “Google Chrome”.

Well, I was one of the angry one that installed the app the moment I read about it. Amazing, I didn’t got the chance to play it. Wait a moment, I probably can load it on my iPod Touch. Why not? and that’s what I’m angry about right now.

First of all, I want to object that this currently angry-ing Angry Birds Chrome is not a Chrome App. It’s just a web application that is being marketed on Chrome Web Store.

Secondly, you can launch this Angry Birds in any web browser. Yes, I’m saying about Firefox, Internet Explorer and so on. And probably on iOS safari.

Apparently, there are two types of Chrome Applications. Hosted App and Packaged App. Angry Bird Chrome is a Hosted App. It means,

a regular web app, plus some meta data

while Packaged App is something you really need to download and install it on your chrome browser. One of the great example of Packaged App and my favourite Chrome App so far is The Fancy Pants Adventure.

edit iOS Safari can’t run this game because it’s a flash based. So sad..


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