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Affiliate Marketing? What the Heck is That?

My friend, who is an Internet Marketing victim, and also an enthusiastic person, recently introduced me to this phrase called the “Affiliate Marketing”. I’ve never heard of the word “Affiliate” nor how to spell it properly. But, I am actually one of the affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing (for me) simple means putting ads from other websites like Amazon, e-Bay or Google on your website. So, when your visitors click on the ads (from your website) and they happen to buy the product you are advertising, Amazon, e-Bay or Google will pay you commission.

So, this friend of mine started a website called affiliateinternetspot.com. It’s just recently published, so there is no much thing there yet. Just be patient and there will be things that will please your heart.

There are some tips on running this marketing. These tips are not from me. I read them somewhere and somehow will apply them in the future. And I am currently not an active Affiliates.

Draw visitor first

When I started a blog 4 years a go, I only have 3 or 4 posts by that time. I don’t have much things to post, so I only updates like once in a couple of months. But, there are google ads all over the blog. And my main visitor is myself and myself only. No one else.

So, don’t put any ads before you have visitors that really likes your website. Because, they will get irritated by the ads and feel like being spammed. They will probably never show up again.

Posts often

The mostly used methods in Affiliate Marketing is probably by creating a blog. There are plenty of free blogging services out there like blogger.com and wordpress.com. It’s very easy to start a blog, but it might be hard to keep it updated. Therefore, plan ahead on what you gonna do with your blog. See if you gonna have new things to share everyday. One of the example is to post pictures. You probably take pictures everyday. So, you gonna have plenty of resources to be posted. When you updates your website often, people will more likely to comeback to check for new things they haven’t read or see. So, this will create a returning visitors that will probably subscribe to your website as well. And hope that they will visit your blog everyday.

Linking and social networking

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!, they help you find what you needed. First, they will visits websites on the web, examine them, and put them on a ranking system. When you search on something, most probably you will find what you needed on the first page of the search (which are probably 20 results or the top 20 ranking). So, the higher your website ranking, the more likely people will find your website.

One of the criteria of search engine ranking is the amount of links from other websites that link to your website. If your website is good, people will put a link on their websites that link to your website. Therefore, the more links that link to websites, the higher your ranking will be.

One of the methods to create this linking network is though social networking. You probably have hundreds of facebook friends or twitter follower. By posting about your website/blog into facebook or twitter, you register a link on them as well. Your friends and follower might like your posts, and repost or retweet them, and therefore creating more links. In the other hands, you are also promoting your websites.

For more information, read more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and its various methods

Quality posts

A little market research might be required for this. Think about what are people looking for, what are their needs, and what are you capable of. Websites about “how to” are probably the most wanted one. People are looking for how to do this, and how to get rid of that. So, what is your field of expertise? apply them and see if you can share them with the world.

Don’t flood your websites with ads

You know that ads are annoying. I can’t stand of them. So, when I’m in a site, full of annoying and irritating ads, I will leave the site. So, even after you have a solid visitors group that visits your site everyday, they might just say good bye to you.

Be creative in putting the ads, keep the visitors as the priority, not the ads. There are many kinds of ads format you can choose from. There are vertical banner, horizontal, links only or flash ads etc. The most importantly, see how the ads fits on your site layout. Be careful not to irritate the visitors.


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