Falling in Love with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is clean, is beautiful, is fun, and all of all, she is magical. Wait a minute, am I committing adultery here? Gosh… I’m not married yet FYI. Don’t even have a girlfriend yet.

So here is the love story, if you read my previous post to Ruby from PHP, you will know that I’m currently on the journey of getting to know Ruby. I ended up meeting this girl called Rails, which is the Ruby framework for web development. By the way, her full name is Ruby on Rails. She is quite famous lately, so I believe you got to know her already.

This girl is very special, because in order to know her, you might need to read some guides first, which are specifically written to guides people out there, like me, to know her. Of course that is not the only way to know her. There are also many books written about her. Such a special girl. Therefore, I picked up one of the book that she recommended. Yes, she recommended herself on her website here. I forgot to mention that she’s also very kind.

The book is called Agile Web Development with Rails. It’s a great book, it guides you on creating a shopping site step by step. From product management page to catalog to the cart etc. This approach seems to works for me as I understand her a lot better now, though many times I still get confused with Ruby syntax.

Sometimes, I got scared. She’s so magical that I think she might be a witch. She can do many things so magically that I have no idea how she did it. Even though I sometimes describe myself as a wizard (which I think all programmers do, because we just types somethings and then something magical will happen on the computer), I feels that her magic is beyond magical. Probably I should describe her as the witch of the witches. Horrible description and she’s scary now.

Behind her magical power, there lies a truth. Once I understand the truth, I understand her. Therefor, I’m gonna finish the book first.


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