Web Tools

Tracking Your Website Visitors

If you are running a website, and you want to know how many visitors are there, google/analytics is the answer. I use it even in my first blog I ever created 4 years ago and it’s really worth using it.

This tool will show you the numbers of visitors by days. It also tell you where are they coming from, how they ended up in your site, and how long they stay in your site. There are many more functions that you can explore yourself.

First, you kind of need a google account. Register one if you don’t have. Once you have a google account, you will have access to many other tools like gmail and adsense (which is one of the tools for your affiliate marketing).

After that, you will need to put a tracking codes in your website. Analytics will guide you how. You might need to wait for few hours or days before you can start seeing the tracking result. So, have fun and be patient.

Some blogging system might already provide you with its own tracking system. For example wordpress.com, it has its own site statistic that show you about the same information that analytics gives.


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