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iOS 5 and its Safari

I am not really a Apple Fan, but by owning an iPod Touch, I’m kind of bound to the Apple products. To avoid being dragged deeper to the hole, I try to resist myself from buying any other Apple products like iPad 2 and iMac (which I wish I did). They are simply too expensive for me.

The announcement of iOS 5 makes me excited and want to quickly install it on my iPod Touch. The previous updates are mainly for iPhone and iPad. So, I was quite disappointed. But the iOS 5 seems to have many things for iPod Touch. One of it surely is the Notification Center and it will probably makes me love my iPod Touch even more. There are over 200 new updates as you can see some of them on Apple website.

Beside using it for entertainment, I did build a web app for it. It was a mini website that is optimized for iOS. The web app is quite satisfying except some limitation that the current iOS has. If you have a small container and your content is very long, you will find difficulty in viewing it. Safari on iOS just doesn’t support scrolling very nicely. It will not show you the scroll bar and to scroll it, you will need to use two fingers.

The good news is iOS 5 come with improvement on its Safari too. Apple added more support for the current already available HTML 5 standard. So now, you can scroll the overflowed content with just one finger. That will mean a lot for my tiny web app. There are also support for various date input format that will display various kind of drop down list for date or time which you can read more about them here.

However, it’s still quite disappointing that it will not support file upload yet. Despite of the disappointment, I’m still very excited for its release around August this year.


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