Rant: WordPress App on Android

So, I have a challenge blog, where I challenged myself to draw one eye a day and post it there.

I normally use my Android phone (Xperia Mini Pro) to post the picture of the eye to WordPress. Therefore, I have that little WordPress app installed.

Here is the story. One of my pen is dying, the ink is almost gone. So, I’ve decided to draw an eye using it and write a long dramatic story about it. When I am done writing it, and done trying not to drop my tears, I decided to add some more pictures. So here is what I did,

  • I press on the little camera button on the bottom right (inside edit mode).
  • I choose “Select a photo from gallery”
  • Try to find the picture of my pen which I thought I’ve taken few days ago, but couldn’t find.
  • Still in the gallery browser, I saw the camera button on the top right, which I know will lead me to the camera, so I pressed it.
  • Took some pictures of my dying pen.
  • Oops, I can’t remember what I did after that. I try to simulate it but didn’t come out the way it was.
Anyway, the conclusion is, I ended up in the home screen and the story that I’ve written is no where to be found. So, here is my rants:
  • Android offer too many things, which you think you can rely on them but, meh… (i.e : multitasking, read the story above).
  • Android allow maximum customization. But without customization, the phone is a shit.
  • Bugs everywhere. Well, to fix those, you either wait for the updates (which takes forever depend on what brand your phone is), or root it and install custom rom or install some other apps to replace the original shitty and buggy apps (which (most of the apps I’ve tried) will┬áleads to more bugs).
Well, this is it. It’s time to try and rewrite my sad story about my dying pen again.