Better way to execute sql files in PostgreSQL

My previous post  is kind of dumb. It’s simple, but dumb. First of all, the /o command will only write the output of a particular query into file. It won’t write any error or any other information that pop out during the execution. The last time I ran that, it failed and I don’t know what happened or where it stop.

So, a better way to do it is by running psql with -f option.


A little explanation here:

  • -a tells the psql to print out all the input commands to Standard Output. It basically print out all the queries inside your SQL file. This is handy so that you know what went wrong and where did it stop.
  • -f FILENAME tells the psql to run the given file
  • > LOGFILENAM is the basic UNIX command to redirect the standard output to a file. In other words, it says that whatever output that you are supposed to see in psql will be written into a file instead.
  • 2>&1 is very important because it asks the system to also print any errors into the standard output. Since we’ve redirected that standard output into a file, it means that any error will be logged into that file also.

For more information, checkout the psql manual and also the Bash redirection.