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Strange Referrers on WordPress.com State

If you are a blogger out there, I’m pretty sure that you will somehow check your visitors statistic at least once everyday. Especially for a new blogger like me, I am always eager to see how many visitors I have today.

I set my WordPress to publish to my facebook and twitter account every time I publish a new post. This happen to be my main source of traffic. And for my surprise, I get about 2 – 5 visits every new post I publish. It was quite impressive statistic for a new blog like mines and with only little friends or follower that really care about my existence. There are probably about 30% of my facebook friends that I added because of certain games I played on facebook. And my twitter followers are mainly those that wished that I follow them back so that they can push me constant advertisements everyday.

One day, there is a miracle happen. I have more than ten visitors on that day. And, I didn’t even post anything on that day. I monitored that for few days without posting any new posts. And it somehow maintain the 10 – 15 visitors everyday for 4 days. Isn’t that a great news?

No it isn’t really a good news at all. WordPress.com has this feature that allow you to see how your visitors got to your blog. It’s called the Referrer. As I said before, my main source of traffic is from facebook and twitter. So, I won’t be surprised if the referrers are facebook and twitter. But, they are not in the list. The referrers are some strange websites that I don’t ever know they exists. So, I visited the referrer’s site to see how and why did they refer my blog to their visitors. I was expecting to see some nice article talking about my blog. But I didn’t see anything about my blog there. D@#*, it’s a spam. I just got spammed!! After few days, they those spam links seems to be disappeared from my blog stat.

These past few days, I started to get some weird number of visitors again. And it is doubled this time. I have 20+ visitors for the past 3 days. So, I am blaming WordPress for this. And apparently, they are working on the way to fix this. I found out that this is not only happening in WordPress. So, I took the blame away.

I’m also glad that I’m not alone as you can see other people are reporting this on the forum. In this forum post, it’s stated that clicking on the spammed links will not mean you any harm. But it’s advised not to click on them as it means that their plan is working. They are just trying to get visitors to their sites but with the “not so right” way. So, now you are aware of it, don’t click them! So, they will someday find out that their plan has failed and hopefully stop doing that.

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Tracking Your Website Visitors

If you are running a website, and you want to know how many visitors are there, google/analytics is the answer. I use it even in my first blog I ever created 4 years ago and it’s really worth using it.

This tool will show you the numbers of visitors by days. It also tell you where are they coming from, how they ended up in your site, and how long they stay in your site. There are many more functions that you can explore yourself.

First, you kind of need a google account. Register one if you don’t have. Once you have a google account, you will have access to many other tools like gmail and adsense (which is one of the tools for your affiliate marketing).

After that, you will need to put a tracking codes in your website. Analytics will guide you how. You might need to wait for few hours or days before you can start seeing the tracking result. So, have fun and be patient.

Some blogging system might already provide you with its own tracking system. For example wordpress.com, it has its own site statistic that show you about the same information that analytics gives.